The KNOW Project is currently preparing to apply for registered charity status. Founder, Marticka Sampson says, "The demand for our service has  overwhelmed us in recent months and we simply can not cater for everyone. We have reached the point where I need to find and train up a couple of suitable females who can help us expand our capacity. Obviously, we provide a specialist service and we need the right people to join us. I am currently looking for two or three females who have certain life experiences who can use those experiences within our programmes".

We are very fortunate to have three extremely experienced professionals who will form our Board of Trustees.  Becoming a registered charity will enable us to achieve our longer term aims, providing growth, sustainability and ultimately, support more young people to lead safe, fulfilling and productive lives. 

Current Bookings and Annual SLA's

​​The past couple of years have seen a significant shift towards schools requesting regular longer term inputs.  Although this provides us with some stability and a strong revenue stream, it also sadly impacts on our capacity and ability to meet demand.  We no longer advertise our service as we simply do not have the practitioners available to cater for every request. However, we hope that our exciting plans later this year will help to address some of these issues. We have been extremely excited by the demand from the special schools sector. In the past year we have worked in almost every provision in Kent and have now been commissioned by two of those schools to provide a weekly input throughout the academic year. Good news spreads fast!!!........

Success Club Partnership

We are excited to announce a year long project in partnership with London based youth charity,  Success Club. We will be providing a weekly input to two London Borough of Islington schools currently in Ofsted 'special measures'. Commissioned by the Borough's Head of School Improvement, the project will support both whole class groups and individual students to raise standards, improve behaviour and overall achievement. Success Club CEO Tony Dallas said, "we are so excited to have The KNOW Project on board - it is exactly the kind of support these students need". The project begins in May and runs through until April 2020, We look forward to reporting back on progress in due course.

Charitable Status
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Latest Updates and Future Plans

The KNOW Project

Supporting Young People

​Enabling Change

Since Marticka launched The KNOW Project in 2015, over 3000 young people have benefited from this unique and thought provoking programme. We explore the issue's surrounding child sexual exploitation from a personal, reflective and sometimes emotive viewpoint. One Kent Headteacher said "Marticka's programme and the way she engages those girls is incredibly powerful; I have never seen my girls so engrossed and so passionate. It has been the best external programme I have seen in my 28 years in teaching".  A further 18,000 young people have attended our CSE Awareness Assembly Presentations; delivered on behalf of Kent Police CSE Team and Operation Willow. (Kent Police's campaign in response to CSE related issues).

One of our 'Girls Groups' celebrating completion of their 'Personal Development Group Work Programme'. "This programme has really opened my eyes up to certain risks, how to keep myself safe and understand that all the choices I make have consequences. It is down to me to make the right choices for myself". (AZ)

The KNOW Project and Youth Empowerment

The KNOW Project has now completely taken over the former youth crime reduction charity Youth Empowerment. Founder and former CEO Graham Godden said, "Marticka was with Youth Empowerment from the start and played a major role in the success of the charity. I am now developing the Youth Empowerment ethos and providing business and fundraising support to other youth charities - including The KNOW Project. I know the Youth Empowerment programmes and the reputation we built is in safe hands". This means The KNOW Project offers not only the Sexual Exploitation and Healthy Relationships Programme, but also the Risk Reduction Programme, designed for young people at risk of school exclusion, offending and other vulnerabilities. Marticka carries forward 9 years of working with vulnerable and disaffected young people and has fast built a reputation in her own right as providing one of the most unique, effective and professional specialist support services to schools.

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